Imagine yourself looking for foods after nuclear war.

You find foods at last but you are not alone.

There are 2 more just like you.

Killing both of them sounds impossible seeing as how they are also holding their guns.


Killing just one and sharing foods sounds doable and quite safe.

Problem is who will die?

To make it worse,

What if you meet your "friends" next time?

Will you have to kill them too?


Will they just kill you instead?

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No idea how to get into the game. Just like  faceofu  said

The game requires at least 3 people to play with.

1. hit "Go" button and if you aren't logged in you'll go to login page

2. after logging in, come back out to main menu

3. hit "Go" again to start looking for match

(The number you see above "Go" button represents current online people, if it's below 3, the game won't be able to start)

Maybe I should add local single play with AIs.

Yeah man,  you need an AI system with a tiny playerbase. 



I think you should add more text, it is a bit difficult to know what buttons do. Also, I wouldn't put two icons that look the same but do the opposite. Explain a bit more to the player what is happening. I think you should have people you know play it, and have them give you some thoughts on it, to see what works and what doesn't. The game might be interesting, but I haven't figured out how to play it.

Sorry lol, was trying to avoid using texts to avoid doing lots of localizations. I'll work on it